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Welcome to Malfaiteurs.com

Last modified: 24 October 2014 08:45:23

Welcome to the Malfaiteurs Sound System website. We are delighted you found the electronic counterpart to our beautifully sounding PA Sound System.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances and BT diligence, we have had to change the party line number. We've been a while with no line, yet you kept coming to the gigs... Internet works wonders, but we're making it easier again. So get this in your phones:

Party INFO LINE for Malfaiteurs:

07951 561 257


Our beautiful 10k+ sound system

Visit Malfaiteurs.com to find information on our Parties, Artists, Music and more.

We are hopeful to bring more updates in the future as this place has been fairly quiet for too long. Please be patient and keep checking this page for updates. Alternatively you could register to stay informed.

Sharing your experiences

Many of you have provided Malfaiteurs.com with pictures and even videos of past parties. It has been while for some, but here are some of your contributions, made available to all.

Please continue to get involved and well try to bring updates there.

Malfaiteurs vs Stay Up Forever party, sunday 28th January 2007, from Miss Daisy

London May 2004, from kaOtic

Malfaiteurs party, somewhere in London, from Spannerhands

Malfaiteurs, Carpenter road

Malfaiteurs at a teknival open air party near Crucey

Crucey, what a fantastic teknival

Malfaiteurs Miss Daisy - New Years Eve 2007 @ North Acton (very short video)

New Years Eve 2006/07 with Sulfurik


There are plenty more videos that you have uploaded to youtube and various other places. Let us know about your productions...


On the Message Board lately, by Stomper on Party:

Just wanted to say keep up the good work with your events, your`s are the only partys i ever get searched at and i have to say its quite reasuring.I`ve been robbed before by two blokes at a rave(not a malfaituers party) and i`m not exactly a pussy, i`m glad to see someone is trying to do something about the scummers that are ruining the free party scene. keep it stomping, keep it safe, Peace

With sections about DJs, Parties, Music and Venues, we hope you'll take the piss a bit to all and us.

We hope YOU enjoy it even more than its original version.

Malfaiteurs's Party Golden rule...

An update!!! As you read from above, we maintain steps towards a safer party. It is not easy to find a solution and we need you to share your stories if any to help us. You can discuss and we'll learn to make a better party.


Not so recent anymore, some people's attitude in party have forced us to adopt a serious rule of thumb that has an effect on all of us.

Following the growing number of theft, aggression and various bullying incidents happening in ALL London raves, where nobody enjoys himself by fear, Malfaiteurs has decided the following:

No Security, No Party

This has 2 bearings on what we do together:

We are not happy wih the situation and we will bring peace on the party again!

YOU can help us by participating to this message board.

Website features ...

Party listings are now interactive: DJs and party promoteurs registered with us can just add their events for listing on Malfaiteurs.com.

DJs and other Artists (so far we've got DJs, Live and a band) can now register and maintain their details online. There are no more excuses for those who don't do anything about themselves.

Registered DJs can also add their own party so it is advertised on Malfaiteurs.

You can register onto our mailing list, thought we haven't sent a newsletter in a while. But be sure that when something important happens - charity party? - we'll let you know directly.

You can write to us and tell us what's on your mind.

You can look at the links we offer as well as add your own link (to your website or other interesting places). We'll review and either approve or reject, letting you know why.

The new look message board is there!!! for you to discuss freely about Music, DJs, Parties and Venues.


Once done, I'll add the DJ charts to review the best records of the moment, track and music equipment reviews and some more features.


Photos have been a major request, but I have a problem: they take to much space and use too much bandwidth. If anybody has a good suggestion on how we could provide plenty pictures without eating our allowance, I am listening, please send your suggestions.


Let us know what else you'd like on the website by filling the feedback form

Why not registering?

Register your email with us and we will let you know when development is completed. Other benefits of registering with Malfaiteurs.com:

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